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Wax- Autumn Breeze

Wax- Autumn Breeze

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Autumn Breezes Wax

  • SOLD OUT Apple Picking- a sweet apple cider blend with notes of goji berry, ginger, cassia root, and green fields, accented by cinnamon and vanilla
  • Flannel Shirt- a cozy scent for cold fall days, with red currant, crisp apple, and pine needles, accented by hints of amber, woods, and fresh breeze
  • Hay Ride- fall in a bottle, with hay and leaves, subtle floral notes of jasmine, gardenia, and lavender, and accents of orange and lemon peel
  • SOLD OUT Rustling Leaves- freshly fallen leaves blowing in the breeze, with base notes of sandalwood and patchouli, and top notes of orchid and ylang ylang
  • SOLD OUT Spiced Oranges- a perfect fall scent that’s refreshing sweet at the same time, with oranges and sweet apple peel, spiced with nutmeg and clove

Riverwood offers eco-friendly soy wax melts, free of artificial colors or other additives. We do use artificial fragrances, as they tend to be more allergen friendly, but we work to only use those that are free of parabens and other potentially harmful additives. All of our wax contains a sprinkle of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which is believed to help purify the air when warmed, due to its hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing) properties. You may also find flowers, fruit peels, or other dried botanicals in your melts to help enhance the scent and give them a little something extra.

Each tart is approximately 1.5-1.9oz and can be used as a whole tart in most standard melters, or can be cut into pieces (use caution). Burn time is approximately 8-12 hours, depending on scent. Wax should be used according to the directions in your wax melter, and must be removed from the cup before using. Avoid contact of melted wax with skin.